At William Clayton Greene Fine Jewelry Design we custom design and repair jewelry with old world and new world techniques. Our services include torch and pick work, handwrought, wax and cast, stone setting, laser welding, CAD CAM, restoration, rebuilds, remounts, bead and pearl stringing, eyeglass repair, and watch repair. For an estimate please bring in your jewelry or watch.  

William Clayton Greene Fine Jewelry Design

  • Watch Battery Replacement
  • Watch Movement Cleaning & Oiling
  • Watch Band Replacement or Cleaning
  • Watch Metal Band Length Adjustment
  • Watch Movement Replacement
  • Watch Crystal Replacement
  • Watch Parts Replacement
  • ​Eyeglass Repair
  • Jewelry Cleaning and Polishing 
  • Ring Re-sizing
  • Stone Setting
  • Crown and Prong Replacement
  • Re-Tipping
  • Channel Rebuilds
  • Refinishing
  • Soldering Gold, Silver, and Platinum
  • Chain Length Adjustment

Jewelry & Watch Repair Services